Our company

We started operating in 2017 with a goal to provide easy to use website for the property market in Cyprus. in 2018 we hope to reach our high targets!

The Vision

Our goal is to support real-estate professionals, but also individuals to easily find potential buyers or tenants online.



Featured Ads

Use our Featured Ads to promote your property even further. These ads are more visible on the website and will appear on different pages. Please contact us for pricing at info@westernoon.com

Your Property Video

We will make a video of your property free of charge! For agents and real-estate companies with more than five listings (active properties), we decided to bring an extra value for using our website.

Once a month we will prepare the video of your property choice and upload to WesterNoon social media!


Social Media

We made posting on Social Media from WesterNoon simple and intuitive. Once you post your ad, we advise you to share it also with your preferred channels.

Sharing especially on Facebook, it will increase the online visibility and sell or rent your property much faster.


Our Blog